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How can Amused Quokka help making my place a better place?

Amused Quokka is always available around the clock whenever environmental or technical issues arise. Ranging from air purification, VOC removal to indoor maintenance (plumbing, electrical and air-conditioning issues) and even renovation projects, tell us now in the "Get a Quote" section or simply whatsapp us! We will be there within an hour and get the problem fixed right away!

How does it worth being protected by Nanosilver photocatalyst?

Using cleaning detergents (such as Dettol or diluted bleach) has been popular options for regular cleaning. Yet, regular sanitation can only perform one-off cleaning at the moment despite contamination afterwards. In view of this, the self-cleaning Nanosilver Photocatalyst coating layer will be able to protect your beloved ones around the clock without further manual effort. Guaranteed with 12 months optimum environmental protection, it insures an harmful-organisms-free environment efficiently.

How to keep my space clean for 24/7?

The principle application of Nanosilver photocatalyst is to create a self-cleaning coating layer on object surface. The ability of decomposition is constant with whatever substances attached on it. No joke! The immediate photocatalytic cleaning effect decomposes bacterias, virus and harmful vaporating particles (including VOC) into CO2 and H2O automatically for 24/7.

How does photocatalyst decompose bacteria, virus or other harmful particles?

Nanosilver photocatalyst mainly composes of photocatalyst titanium dioxide (TiO2) and silver nano-particles (Ag). When titanium dioxide absorbs UV light, a chain of events induces production of radicals which attacks the surroundings of the organic compounds (i.e. bacteria, virus, VOC, allergic substances) and cause a breakdown of the organic medium. However, when source of UV is unavailable, silver particles compensates the weakness of inactivated photocatalyst effect from TiO2 and performs self-cleaning function on its own.

How to determine whether I need the protection from Nanosilver photocatalyst?

While self-cleaning coating layer serves all-purposes, it is especially suitable for places with intensive flow of people and pets, pungent and stuffy air with odor, newly renovated suits and apartments; individuals who are vulnerable to harmful particulars and radicals (including but not limited to toddlers, elderly, individuals with chronicle diseases), have prolonged adaptation of air purifying machines, pursuing indoor air quality certification (IAQ) or simply better breathable air in indoor areas!

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